Request & Cancellation Policy

Naptown Nannies cannot guarantee the availability of nannies. Please give us as much notice as possible, especially if requesting a particular nanny. A 24-hour minimum is required in order to fulfill sitter requests. We understand that last minute needs will come up, and we will certainly do our best to fill every request that comes in! In the event Naptown Nannies is unable to find a Sitter for your request you have two options-

1. Naptown Nannies will reimburse the Agency Fee (at rate charged) for number of hours requested, or
2. Naptown Nannies will credit your account for the number of hours requested

Cancellation Policy
Once we have assigned a nanny to your job, the Agency Fee will be processed. If an assignment is canceled more than 24 hours before scheduled assignment you will only be responsible for the Agency fee. If canceled with less than 24 hours notice, you will also be responsible for paying the Agency fee, along with a 2 hour minimum.

Naptown Nannies, LLC is a childcare referral agency. We charge a placement fee to our clients each time they use our service. Nannies are self-employed, independent contracts, who are paid directly by our clients; we do not take any portion of their pay.