The Process

For Sitter Service
Potential clients will be required to fill out the Family Application in order for Naptown Nannies to gauge your familyʼs exact needs. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to discuss these needs further. For Clients interested in Membership for Sitter Service we prefer to do an in person meeting to fully understand the needs of your family, in order for us to appropriately place nannies when requested. We also want to make sure that our pool of nannies can meet the demand of our Clients, so Naptown Nannies may put your application on hold until we are able to meet the needs of your family. Families will not be charged the Sitter Service Membership fee, until confirmed that Naptown Nannies can take them on as Clients.

Naptown Nannies understands that your time is very precious and we hope to make the process for booking a nanny relatively seemless. Once approved for Membership into Sitter Service, families will receive a login to our online system where they can submit work orders anytime during the day or night. If Naptown Nannies is able to fulfill the request, the Client and Nanny will receive confirmation of booking. Client will receive short bio of nanny that will be coming to their home if this is first time they are using a particular sitter. Client can request any special instructions for Nannies which will be emailed directly to them (ie. Itʼs a swim party, please bring a suit!). The Nanny is sent information regarding the family, as well as Google map of home.

  • Per hour agency fee is paid at time of booking, unless prepaid hours are already purchased.
  • Nannies are paid directly at the end of the engagement, as they are not direct employees of Naptown Nannies.

Hotel and Yacht Club Clients
Please contact your concierge to book service or contact Naptown Nannies directly. Either your concierge or Naptown Nannies will confirm request (via email or phone depending on client preference). Once confirmed guest will receive short bio on sitter that will be taking care of your children for the day or evening. Naptown Nannies has great relationships with many Annapolis attractions that are fun for kids! The Clay Bakers is in walking distance of most partner hotels and is a fun activity for nannies and kids alike! We partner with them to offer discounted rates to ensure your children have a great time as well when visiting Annapolis!

Summer Nannies
The process for Summer Nannies is a little different than our other services. Many families have a consistent need throughout the summer months and require care everyday, others for just for a week family vacation. Whatever your need should be, we look forward to helping provide a fun and memorable summer for your children. Please fill out the Family Application and Naptown Nannies will contact you directly to discuss your needs further. This will help in order to assist with matching your perfect nanny to fulfill your needs. Clients will interview potential nanny candidates directly. We suggest starting the Summer nanny search as early as March in order to find that perfect nanny for your summer needs!

  • Clients will interview potential nanny candidates directly. In many cases it is recommended that a Client/Nanny agreement be constructed which the Agency will assist with.
  • Client and Nanny will determine the Nanny hourly rate which is typically anywhere from $15-20 depending on factors such as number and ages of children, nanny experience, and job duties.

Wedding & Event Services
We want to assist with your special day or big event, and make sure we have the perfect package to fit your needs. Please contact Naptown Nannies directly to speak with someone about how we can help!